How We Do It: Only Have What You Really Need

First I want to tell you that this post is as much for me as it is for you.  I am in no way perfect at this and if you were to see my house right now, you would wonder why I am writing this.  

My house is a mess and filled with lots of stuff and it is so stressful!  But I still think this is a very important part of living a frugal life.

Only having in your home what you really need is important for all aspects of your life.  When you have lots of things, they become stuff and stuff is stressful and stress makes you live a life you may not normally live.  Some people shop when they are stressed, others watch TV, others eat.  All of these things cost you money in some way or another.  This causes you to need more to live on.

When I say only have what you need I mean in everything.  It means going through clothing and other household items regularly so you aren’t storing things you don’t need.  It also means in your deal finding and shopping habits.  When you over buy, you not only waste the item when you throw it out, you waste the money you spent ont he item.  I learned this when I started couponing.  I was so excited by all the deals that I went and bought and bought and bought.  I didn’t take stock of what I already bought, I just kept buying.  I ended up with 5 bottles of Windex, 6 bottles of dusting spray, 15 bottles of dish soap, 2 bottles of multipurpose spray, 6 boxes of swiffer dusters, 6 Comet cleaners, and 4 bottle of jet dry for the dishwasher.  Fast Froward a year later and I still have almost all of it!!!   I way overbought and the space that these things have taken up could have been used for something else.  It has prevented me from getting fully organized and using my space well.

Just be sure you watch what you are using, only buy what you need, save your money that you can because you aren’t buying things you wont use.

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( I also have way to many deodorants… lets just say I wont stink for a while 😉 )

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