Simple Living Challenge: Simple Bedroom

How To Organize A Bedroom

Here is my bedroom…..

bedroom organization

Scary isn’t it.  Not a nice haven that you always want for your room.  So I spent the day yesterday making it over into the Simple Bedroom haven that I wanted it to be.  Now I just need to get some art for the walls and it will be complete!!!

And…..I made a video to prove it!  Enjoy!!

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How To Organize A Bedroom

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  1. i struggle so much with keeping my bedroom (and house) simple. I love the transformation, but what I need to know is where did everything go? How did you organize the clutter? I am the worst at that!

    Love the series!

    PS You and Matt look great! Love the wavy hair.

    1. The clothes got washed and put away. the clean clothes got folded and put away or hung in the closet. As for the dresser, most of that stuff was papers and receipts. Most of that got thrown away. We also had a lot of nic nacks and stuff that just got pulled out of pockets and stuck there. Money, gift cards, Disneyland passes, and many other things like that. Some got stuck into a money jar, some got put in our wallets where they should have been in the first place and others got moved to the drawer that holds the gift cards. our trading pins for Disney went into the night stand drawer until we get the cork board for the wall to display them. Matthews school stuff got put in his backpack or on the shelf where they should have been before. The most important thing is to have a home for everything. If it doesn’t have a home you have to rethink if you should have it. If you need it, you need to assign it a home.

  2. Renae @ How to Have it All says:

    Good job Melissa! Thanks for stopping by to show me your room. It always feels so good to declutter! Have a great day!