Indoor Activities for Toddlers To Do While You Get Organized

One of the hardest parts about organizing, when you have young children, is finding indoor activities for toddlers to do while you get organized.  There are so many times when they get bored easily and always want to “help” by unloading the box you just loaded or adding things to it when you’re not looking!

Are you looking for indoor activities for toddlers? These activities will keep them occupied while you clean, organize or anything else you need to do!

I always try to organize my home when the kids are not around, but sometimes You have no choice, and you just need to get it done.  I saw these quiet time bins on Keeper of the Home and realized that these could be used in so many ways to keep toddlers occupied. So I put together some of these and got a few other ideas that have been working wonders!

Indoor Activities for Toddlers To Do While You Get Organized

Busy boxes

This is one of those indoor activities for toddlers that can be used over and over for different situations.  We use shoe box sized boxes, so they are easy to store. I bought a few little toys/books to use, but mostly I just gathered up some things that had been in the car or the bottom of the toy box.

We made colored labels for each box, so we knew which ones we had used recently.  The kids love them, and they are always asking to use them.

Here’s a quick peek into our boxes. We have books, stickers, crayons, paper, and tools. We also have a coloring book, a little magnetic farm, a harmonica, flash cards, random toys from McDonald’s, etc.

When we’re all done, I ask him to put everything back in the box, and we put it back on the shelf. It was easy to put together, and I think we both enjoying knowing we’ll have that time each day.

Box cities with cardboard boxes

When we moved, we would often give the kids markers with empty boxes and let them draw cities on the boxes.  This is an excellent way to keep them busy without spending much money.

Marshmallow pretzel building

This is so much fun because the kids get to eat while they build.  They can make whatever shapes they want while they stick pretzels int he marshmallows.  We enjoy using big and small marshmallows to make different sized shapes.

Sensory box

This sensory box is a great one to use when you are in the same room or a room close by.  Just be sure you fill your sensory box with sand or rice so it is easy to clean up. Find out how we made ours and what we put in it HERE

Dance party

Turn on some music and rock out as mom gets to listen to the music and organize to the beat!  The kids are occupied, and mom can enjoy it too!

Do you have any similar indoor activities for toddlers that help you throughout the day? Please share them with us by leaving a comment!

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