Simple Living Challenge Day 4: How to Declutter

How To Declutter

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I am not a natural at organizing, but moving twice in the last 6 months has taught me a thing or 2 I wanted to be sure to share with you.

The first step to decluttering is deciding your timeline.  You have to set a timeline for yourself on how long you would have to not use an item before it has to be gotten rid of.  For most of my items that is 6 months.  If I haven’t’ used it in 6 months then it is time to get rid of it.  The only exception is 1 year for seasonal clothing.  If I haven’t used the item in that time limit.  It is time for it to be out of my house.  Especially now I have such a small space, this is a very important rule to follow.

The second thing you want to do is have 3 boxes or bags.  One for trash, one for garage sale/donation and one for keep/put away.  Then you pick one area of your house to focus on.  set a timer for 20 min.  and get to sorting.  after the 20 min is over you take the put away box and put it all away.  Don’t stop until everything in that box has a designated home.

When you are assigning a home to an item be sure you are not just stacking it.  Make sure you have a designated home for it that you will consistently use.  If you do not have this then it will always be a problem for you that you will never get over.

If you consistently work at this at least 20 min a day then you will have a clean and simplified house in no time.  Remember that progress doesn’t have to be huge right away.  and progress is good progress as long as you keep working and pushing forward toward your goal.

Do you have any tips on how to declutter?  Leave them in the comments!

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How To Declutter

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