How to Organize Your Kitchen

Learning how to organize your kitchen takes time and often trial and error.  Kitchens are so different in every house.  Different shapes sizes and how many cupboards you have and how deep they are.  the cabinet storage solutions are nedless so you really have to try things to know how it works for you.

This is was our kitchen in our 950 sq foot duplex in southern Ca.  I WISH it looked like this all the time.  Most of the time it had dishes stacked on the counter because as you can see, we had no dishwasher.  It was a trade off we gave for a much cheaper price on the house.  I don’t mind it, but with 6 people living there, it made for a crazy amount of clutter if we don’t do the dishes twice a day.

Simple Kitchen Organiztion

How to organize your kitchen in 3 easy steps

The kitchen is probably one of the hardest areas to simplify in your house.  You use so many different tools for so many different things.  But it is possible to cook meals without some of those things and this is what I had to remember as I simplified our kitchen.  We had a lack of shelves and an excess of drawers.  So As I sought for space I decided that we can only use so much at once and there were ways to cut back.

So here are the tips I learned as we tried to shrink what we had in our kitchen.

  • you only need a couple large spoons to cook with
  • You don’t need 5 rubber scrapers and 4 spatulas, 2-3 of each will be plenty
  • Only keep a stockpile as big as your space.  If you have too much give some away.
  • Decide what your top 5 kitchen tools are and have them in an easily accessible space.  Other items that you don’t use often should be tucked away
  • Use your wall space!!!
  • For every item in your kitchen ask yourself if you have another item that could perform the same job.  If you have one then get rid of one of them.

Kitchen cabinet storage solutions

The biggest lesson I learned as I figured out how to organize your kitchen. through all of this is that you can cook in just about any space, you can also live simply by cooking a little differently.  It takes more planning and prep time in a smaller space, but it makes a big difference in feeling successful in your cooking.

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What tips do you have to keep a kitchen organized??  Share them in the comments!

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  1. Heidi @ says:

    Very nice. I think one of my biggest tips for keeping your kitchen organized is to stay on top of it. And to think vertically. Inside cupboards use racks that add an additional tier to your cupboards. And use your wall space.

    Also I love containers for things, it just seems that if I have a designated container for things things just stay more organized as the kids know that things go in this container.

    And no junk drawer in the kitchen. We moved the junk drawer out of the kitchen to a small desk drawer in our family room and it seems to really have helped with the clutter because people don’t view the kitchen as the place to drop odds and ends (batteries, tools, pens and pencils, rubber bands, etc.)