How to Get Organized When You are Small Space Living

As I began this year, I realized how important it is to know how to get organized.  We got so far off track and are now working hard to get back to where we were.  I realized though that this is taking a lot longer then it did the first time.

I am still 2 weeks behind on my coupons and my laundry just keeps piling up.  I wash and dry what I think are endless loads and it never seems to get done.  Then there is the folding and putting away.  It gets crazy trying to be frugal and keep the house in order at the same time sometimes.

How to get organized when you are small space living

As I get closer to my due date (3 months to go) I am beginning to realize that I have a deadline for all this stuff to be done.  That if it is going to be done I need to do it now.   So I am trying to figure out ways to get things done in a quicker amount of time so I can still live my life and not be confined to the house all the time trying to get caught up.  I am finding that I have to work harder to be orgnized this time around and it is making me so tired all the time.  So here are a few tips I have found to cut corners just a bit so you spend all your time getting back to an organized life.

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1) get rid of the non- needs in your home. This means in all things.  We are finding we have to much furniture and as the baby gets here we will have less room with even more furniture.  So we are organizing a garage sale in the next few weeks and we will be getting rid of the extras and working on reworking what we have that needs to stay so it uses the space the best way it can.

This also means for things emotionally.  Sometimes we carry around guilt or other things that get in the way of us getting the most out of our day.  For me it is that to do list that never seems to get done.   It is always hanging around and staring me in the face when I sit down for a minute.  As hard as it is, you have to let it go and do what you can.  sometimes it helps to write down what you did today instead of what you need to do, this way you can rejoice in your progress rather then what you didn’t do.

2) You need to have 1 room clean always. This is a must and I would usually say your bedroom or whatever room is your relaxation room should be the one to stay clean.  This way when you get overwhelmed you have a place to go to get refocused on the progress and relax until you are ready to face it again.

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3) When it comes to coupons, have a dumping spot for stuff. This may seem a bit funny, but if you don’t have a spot to put all your unclipped coupons that is out of the way, they will start to take over your house.  They will be everywhere and anywhere and you will never be able to get on top of the clipping so you can get good deals.  I used to use a box.  now I use a cloth bag that holds all my couponing stuff.  Whatever you decide to use is fine, it just needs to be a set place you will always use.

4) Have quick fix meals on hand. Whether you buy them from the store with a coupon and have them in your freezer or make them yourself, it is important to have them, because there will be days when you are to tired or to busy organizing to make dinner and there is nothing worse then hungry kids or family asking you what if for dinner. and you realize you don’t have the chicken thawed.  You need to have things taken care of so you can focus on the tasks at hand.

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What tips do you have to share? Have you had times where you are getting frustrated with the organization of your life?

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  1. What I’ve done in the past when I have an overwhelming amount of laundry is grab it all and go the Laundrymat….If you do loads in the larger machines you will be done in no time and minimizing the cost. This may not be the frugal way to go, but it will save you so much time. (Time is worth something isn’t it?)

    1. That is a great idea and Time is worth something for sure. So is your sanity!

  2. Your post just summed up the situation in my house. I met you in Merced the first time you came up. I was pregnant at the time. My first few weeks of couponing were tied in to my “nesting”, so I overdid the shopping a bit, but still felt like I got good values and was able to stay on top of the clipping, etc. As I got closer to my due date (late Jan) I grew more tired and everything began to pile up. Then came the baby, and couponing went out the window completely. So, here I am, the baby is now 4 months old, and our other daughter just turned 4 yrs old and only now am I starting to get used to having two children and getting out of the house in a somewhat timely manner. We’re starting to build some routines and that helps, but my house is an absolute disaster and when I have 5 minutes I’m torn between chipping away at the piles or catching up on the coupons so that I stop missing deals on things that I actually need!! My only advice, although I’m not great at following it is like you mentioned–have one place that is clean where you can escape. I try to use the FLYlady method and shine my sink, (or at least empty the sink & load the dishwasher at night so I can have clean dishes in the am), but somedays that’s a struggle. So, while I have no advice, I can tell you your certainly not alone, and you’re very wise for trying to get things in order before the new baby! Congrats on that btw–didn’t know you were expecting! 🙂

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