Adjusting your Budget Mid Month

One of the biggest problems people have with their budgets is making them work for the whole month.  This is easily remedied, but it is a change of the way you think of your budget which is hard.  But once you master this, your budgets will be foolproof and you will always be able to […]

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How To Set Up a Budget

One of the keys to frugal living is having a budget.  It is very important, yet one of the hardest things to create and be accountable for.  There are many things you can do to maintain the use of your budget, but I wanted to talk first about how you create a budget. When I […]

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Needs Vs. Wants: How to Know the Difference

A great way to save money is to identify your needs vs. your wants.  Many people think that cable TV is a need.  They NEED to have it right?  Well in reality our needs are very short and to the point.  Everything else, no matter how important they are to us, are wants and should […]


How We Do It: Emergency Savings

photo credit: Dave Dugdale Prior to about a year and a half ago, We never ad any type of long term savings.  We were living paycheck to paycheck, but never had debt.  I always felt like we were doing ok, but that we never had money for anything.  We had built up a small savings […]

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Living on a Budget

In my last post I wrote about Dave Ramsey and his program. One of the musts in the Dave Ramsey program is to live on a budget. This is something we did for a while but until we really sat down and did it correctly we were just writing down some numbers and forgetting about […]

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