Adjusting your Budget Mid Month

One of the biggest problems people have with their budgets is making them work for the whole month.  This is easily remedied, but it is a change of the way you think of your budget which is hard.  But once you master this, your budgets will be foolproof and you will always be able to […]

How To Set Up a Budget

One of the keys to frugal living is having a budget.  It is very important, yet one of the hardest things to create and be accountable for.  There are many things you can do to maintain the use of your budget, but I wanted to talk first about how you create a budget. When I […]

How We Do It: Emergency Savings

photo credit: Dave Dugdale Prior to about a year and a half ago, We never ad any type of long term savings.  We were living paycheck to paycheck, but never had debt.  I always felt like we were doing ok, but that we never had money for anything.  We had built up a small savings […]

Living on a Budget

In my last post I wrote about Dave Ramsey and his program. One of the musts in the Dave Ramsey program is to live on a budget. This is something we did for a while but until we really sat down and did it correctly we were just writing down some numbers and forgetting about […]

Cut the Costs and Keep the Change: Part 1

As I looked at our budget to see where else we could cut costs to save more money, there was 1 thing I had to constantly be asking myself.  Is this a NEED or a WANT.  I had to do some searching within myself, but I realized that we had a lot of wants labeled […]

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