How to Create an Indoor Vegetable Garden

make an indoor vegetable garden with these 4 simple tips

  Have you ever wanted to create an indoor vegetable garden? I had never heard about this until I saw someone making one.  I think this is a great idea if you live in a small space or a place with no outdoor space.

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Grow your own Green Onions

Regrow Your Green Onions

Regrow Green Onions Did you know you can grow your own green onions using the bases you cut off when your cooking?? I have been using this to stretch our grocery budget a bit more so we don’t have to spend a lot on certain vegetables.  No garden space needed! This is the coolest thing […]

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How to Grow Tomatoes from Seed

grow tomatoes from seeds #gardening

Have you ever wondered how to grow tomatoes from seeds?  Tomatoes are the most popular vegetable to grow. You can grow tomatoes for their size from small cherry tomatoes to large Beefsteak tomatoes. People also grow them for their color and love the taste of the yellow pear or the multicolored Heirloom tomatoes. When choosing […]

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Mothers Day Gifts For the Gardening Mom

Mothers Day gifts for Gardening Mom

Mothers day is right around the corner.  There are so many things moms could get that would show them you love them.  But moms like me who love to garden can be hard to buy for because there are so many options.  So here are the top gifts you can get moms who are gardeners.

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Making a Raised Flower Bed Garden

Raised flower bed garden

Making a raised flower bed garden is not a usual raised bed garden.  Most people think of Vegetable gardens when people talk about raised bed gardens, but raised flower beds are a great way to have beautiful spot in your yard.  You can even combine the flowers and the veggies and herbs to help the bees come to pollinate for you. You could […]

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