5 Budgeting Tips for Families When You Are Paying With Cash

Paying with cash can be comfortable and uncomfortable.  It is something that can make you think but can be very hard to do because you have to analyze every purchase. But it is also one of the easiest ways to solidify a budget and stay on budget.

6 Simple Tasks To Encourage Financial Confidence

Having financial confidence is something that can come and go.  But there are lots of things you can do to help yourself feel more confident and secure with your finances as you go throughout your life.

The Best Money Management Software For Our Large Family Budget

Update: I no longer recommend Everydollar.  I found that if you are paying $99 a year you should be able to match transactions you manually enter and this tool does not let you do this. It also doesn’t give you much in the way of reports for tax purposes or anything like that.  I also […]

The Best Ways to Save Money For Birthday & Anniversary Gifts

The best ways to save money for birthday and anniversary gifts will help you have the money to share great things with your friends and family without fearing you’ll have to sacrifice in other areas of your budget. Birthdays and anniversaries are such a wonderful thing to celebrate with those you love. A few simple […]

5 Saving Money Tips My Mom Taught Me

When I was growing up, I never thought twice about money or saving money tips that my parents did every day.  Until I was married, I didn’t realize all the things they did every day to make the most of their money and save money each day.

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