The Best Ways to Save Money For Birthday & Anniversary Gifts

The best ways to save money for birthday and anniversary gifts will help you have the money to share great things with your friends and family without fearing you’ll have to sacrifice in other areas of your budget. Birthdays and anniversaries are such a wonderful thing to celebrate with those you love. A few simple ways to put money aside for gifts will help you to enjoy these days instead of dread their arrival.

Are you looking for the best ways to save money for birthday and anniversary gifts? These tips will help you have easily without having to sacrifice much!

Best ways to save money for birthdays & anniversary gifts

There are many ways to save money for gifts, but what are the best ways to save money without you have to be aware all the time?  These five ways to save money will make it easy for you to save money, so you have less stress when the gift time comes around each year!

Auto drafts to a gift fund. A simple way to add this to your budget is to set up a special savings account for presents. You can ask your employer to direct deposit a small amount to that account each month, or you can set up an auto-draft once a month to do it for you. Setting aside even $5 a month can add up to a super fund for simple gifts.

Limit who you buy for. This is one of the easiest ways to budget for gifts. Limit who you buy for and why. Giving gifts is something that everyone wishes they could afford to do more of. However, it’s not always feasible within a budget Instead of buying for every niece, nephew, cousin, friend and neighbor, invest in a box of blank cards and send heartfelt messages instead. Save the gifts for your immediate family such as your children and spouse instead.

Give the gift of time. This is the best idea for those who just can’t find that extra few dollars to put back and save for gifts. Give the gift of time. Spend an hour with no distractions playing with your kids. Take a meal to your neighbor, or visit an elderly friend or relative and do puzzles or just reminisce. Your time will be much more valuable than a bottle of lotion or a trinket ever could be.

Ways to find extra money so you can save more money

Give up your costly habit. We all have something we do every day that costs money. Some it may be stopping at Starbucks. For others, it could be the weekly movie rental, the magazine subscription or even a soft drink addiction that takes just a little money each month that you could easily put into your gift fund. Saving money for gifts isn’t just about putting the money aside, but finding the money in the first place. Next time you are tempted to grab that new nail polish color, a drink or movie, tuck that money away for gifts instead.

Shop clearance year round. The best way to fund your birthday and anniversary gift needs on a budget is to shop for clearance items. Target, Walmart, Kohl’s, and even Amazon all have great sales, deals and clearance sections that will provide you with just what you need to keep your gift closet well stocked for last minute gifts for kids and friends.

When you are practicing the best ways to save money for birthday & anniversary gifts, keep in mind that you can make that money stretch farther by watching for deals on the items you want. You don’t have to coupon to make ends meet; you can find great deals without using coupons, but if you find a great deal, you should take advantage of it to stretch your budget a bit farther.

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