Smurfs The Legends of Smurfy Hollow Halloween Fun!

Do you get invited to Halloween parties?  We usually don’t do them.  Not because we don’t like them, infact this is my oldest sons favorite holiday.  He loves the decorations!  We usually don’t do them just because it is kind of a crazy time of year for us.  We have school and now homeschool and […]

“Tinker Bell An Evolution” The Perfect Book For Any Disney Fan

This is Tinker Bell, ahem, I mean Kiley.  She is a Tinker Bell fanatic.  She is in LOVE with anything Tink.  She often will dress up in her Tink leotard and her wings and run through the house “flying”.  She has never been one to sit and watch a movie, but put on any Tink […]

D23 Expo: a Disney on Broadway Night to Remember

The first day I checked out most of the booths.  I also went to see these beautiful dresses made by high fashion designers that will be auctioned off.  They are inspired by all the Disney princesses and they were amazing!  But I will share more about them later. By the end of the day I […]

Free Disney’s Planes Printable Activity Sheets

Have you seen Disney Planes yet?  I was able to see it at the D23 Expo and it was a blast!  Disney has put out some Planes free printable activity sheets!  These are great for all ages and are especially great to take to the movie theatre with you to keep the kids occupied until […]

D23 Expo 2013

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter you know I attended the D23 Expo this past weekend.  I didn’t know what to expect from it as I had never been before. It turned out to be very different then I had thought.  I had a couple really great experiences that reminded me of some […]

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