7 Frugal Outdoor Supplies You Must Have For Camping

Do you love to camp with as many outdoor supplies as you can? Camping doesn’t have to be an expensive adventure; in fact, you can enjoy the great outdoors for next to nothing with these outdoor supplies. The trick is getting creative and learning a few essential camping hacks. Camping is a budget friendly vacation idea […]

How to Get Cheap Airfare in the Shortest Time Possible

Let’s face it over the last couple of years it has become really hard to get cheap airfare, right? In fact, it is often cheaper to drive, but sometimes flying is what you have to do.  So you end up spending hour after hour looking for cheap flights or discounts, so you save on airfare […]

7 Easy Ways to Save on Travel

There’s more to saving money on travel than cheap airfare and bargain hunting for hotels. The family or the frequent traveler can save money on the everyday expenses that add up while you’re on the road, making your trip more affordable. You can use a variety of tactics to save on travel and reduce your […]

Save on Vacations With These 4 Tips to Reduce the Cost of Traveling In Style

As a younger couple, my husband and I traveled quite a bit. For a while it was nice to travel so much. We made a lot of memories. But, after a while, we both started to realize that if we kept traveling like we were, we would go broke pretty quickly. So, what was the […]

How To Save Money on Vacations And Still Have Fun

I started learning how to save money on vacations years ago when we took a trip to Washington DC.  We were saving money to take a 5 year anniversary trip and I saw a giveaway for a 7 day hotel stay.  I tried for it and I got the hotel!!!  I was so excited, but we […]

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