Frugal Organization Tips

Frugal Organization Tips So I am the WORST organizer on the planet when it comes to my own family and house.  I have this strong desire in me to get things in order and live a cleaner more organized life, but it just doesn’t happen.  I am awesome at helping others in their house.  I […]

Simple Living Challenge Day 14: Sleep Who Needs it Right?

If you are new, be sure you check out the full Simple Living Challenge. How To Have A Sleep Schedule This is an interesting subject for me to cover.  This is probably one of the hardest things for me to follow.  I have a hard time going to bed at night at a decent time.  […]

Simple Living Challenge: What is Simple Living?

Simple Living Challenge: What is Simple Living? If you had asked me this question 5 years ago I would have said that it is going without, making everything at home, and not being “normal.”  Today however my answer is different.  It comes from a greater understanding and a greater desire to live better while feeling […]

Downsizing… And a Peak Into Our Life: What NOT To Do!

I am trying to make an effort to be real.  I want to share with you that I am a real person, I pay Stupid Tax just like everyone else does.  I don’t always plan well, I sometimes get really frustrated with life, and a lot of times I don’t know how things will work […]

How We Do It: Simplicity Saves Money

photo credit: Yogendra174 If you are new to the series and you want to read the beginning of the story, see HERE. This is the most challenging part of frugal living for me and my family.  My husband and I both grew up in houses with lots of stuff.  we both came from relatively large […]

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