How to Improve Your Health Fast With These No Cost Fitness Options

I am going to tell you a secret…. you ready???  I hate exercise! There I said it! I hate exercise.  I get that exercise is how to improve your health and all, but there is nothing about it that is fun to me. Despite how I feel about it, It is something that is important […]

6 CrossFit Workouts At Home You Can Do in Your Living Room

It’s no secret that CrossFit workouts at home have seen tremendous popularity in the last few years. Many people are drawn to the challenge that CrossFit presents and the relative ease of learning the exercises that make up a workout.   There’s more than likely a gym (or in CrossFit terms, box) in your community […]

Simple Bathroom Organization Ideas To Maximize Storage Space

Bathroom organization ideas can be hard to come by.  Bathrooms are all so different.  Different shapes, different sizes, different needs and jobs of those who use them.  Maximizing your storage space can be a very individual thing.  So it is important to keep in mind that even if you have to adapt them to your […]

What is Balanced Contentment?

What is Balanced Contentment? About 3 months ago I heard this term for the first time.  As soon as I heard it I jotted it down.  I remember feeling like it was the key to happiness in your life.  I forgot about it for a while.  Went on with my life and tried to figure […]

Love the Life You Live, Live the Life You Love – Not Bob Marley

This past weekend I went to a conference for blogging.  On the way home from the conference I sat next to one of the speakers from the conference, J.D. Roth who writes over at More then Money.  During our 5 hour flight we talked of many things, but the one conversation that truly changed everything […]

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