What is Balanced Contentment?

Balanced Contentment

What is Balanced Contentment?

About 3 months ago I heard this term for the first time.  As soon as I heard it I jotted it down.  I remember feeling like it was the key to happiness in your life.  I forgot about it for a while.  Went on with my life and tried to figure out how to be happy.

I came across it the other day and remembered that there was a reason I had written it down, but still didn’t know what exactly it was.  As I began to think about it and look it up I quickly realized that it isn’t a term many people use.  It is something that is some what foreign to most people.  The though of being content is just that, being ok with where you are in your life.

But as I think about that I always ask myself what about those of us who are wanting more for our life then where we are now.  does that make us bad or not happy in our life because we want something more in our lives?  I used to beat myself up about it, trying to tell myself that I needed to just accept the here and now and not think about what was to come.

This wasn’t the way to finding happiness and I knew it was logical.  It occurred to me what balanced contentment really ment as I heard a talk at my church.  It spoke about the fact that we need to be content in our lives and happy where we are now, but still have the hope for our dreams to come true in the future.  Being content with your life now doesn’t mean that we don’t hope for more for our lives or family in the future.  It means that we are happy with where we are now in our lives but we are working toward something more.

That is the key to balanced contentment.  You have a balance of happiness and contentment now while still planning and working toward future goals.  I think this is really the way to achieve lasting happiness.

This concept can apply with all things in our lives.  It can apply to our finances, our families, our spirituality and our relationships.  To get anywhere with any of them you must first accept who you are and your place you are at in your life.  Then true growth and happiness can occur.

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What does balanced contentment mean to you?

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  1. Today I am trying to be content with my achy body! :p