Love the Life You Live, Live the Life You Love – Not Bob Marley

This past weekend I went to a conference for blogging.  On the way home from the conference I sat next to one of the speakers from the conference, J.D. Roth who writes over at More then Money.  During our 5 hour flight we talked of many things, but the one conversation that truly changed everything for me has to be our conversation about what my blog is about.

I recently had some big life changing things happen and each of them molded me a little.  Some molded me for good, others molded me for bad.  I have felt often like I was in a pit and couldn’t climb out, that there was no way out.  I realized about a month ago that most of this rooted in me.  I was the problem, not what was around me.

I started to look around, trying to open my eyes to what I had.  I was running form the situation I was in, running from the lack of money, running from the lack of family.  I was doing it all wrong.  I then sat and cried for a couple days.  Hoping I could figure out how to dig myself out, I began to try to love my life.

On that flight and talking with J.D.  I realized that my desire for life could be defined.  As we began to brainstorm some things for a phrase that I believed was what my blog was about and what I needed, we came up with the perfect one.  “love the life you life, Live the life you love.”  I was so excited getting off the plane to come home and make it mine.

As I got home I began googling it.  I quickly found that that was a quote by Bob Marley….. and a quite popular one according to the friends I talked to about it.  Now I don’t know ANYTHING about Bob Marley.  I seriously only know his name. And while I don’t share much with Bob Marley, I want to tell you that I really feel like this is my goal in my life.  This is what life is all about.

As I began to think about what that truly meant to me, I realized that this is why I am here on earth.  That our lives really mean nothing unless we are finding joy in whatever situation we may have.  we are seeing our blessings, learning to live with what we have, and learning to find a way to live the life we love.  Whether our life situation brings us to a place where we are cramming 6 people into a 950 sq ft. house, living with only 1 car, or making things you already have work instead of buying new, or budgeting so you can have the things you want without debt, we have to find the joy in our life and find the great blessings we have.  The adventure and the fun happens as we achieve that life.

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As we do this our kids and those around us will be happier and they will see the blessings in their own lives.  I feel like that is our job, to live the best life we can with what we have and look forward to where we will be living the dream life we have always wanted.  Loving the life you live until you are living the life that you love.

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  1. Very well said. I couldn’t agree more. We are going through something similar and I recently saw a quote like this on pinterest and it resonated within me for a few days before it clicked.

    1. Thanks Julie! It is seriously a challenge to love the life you have sometimes. It takes a lot of work, but everyone is happy when mom is happy right??? 😉