6 CrossFit Workouts At Home You Can Do in Your Living Room

It’s no secret that CrossFit workouts at home have seen tremendous popularity in the last few years. Many people are drawn to the challenge that CrossFit presents and the relative ease of learning the exercises that make up a workout.  

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There’s more than likely a gym (or in CrossFit terms, box) in your community but it’s not always easy to fit in a time to go around your busy schedule.

One component of CrossFit is weight lifting, and you more than likely don’t have free weight barbells in your home, but that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from a CrossFit style workout from your own living room.

How do I start Crossfit at home?

Remember to talk to your physician before starting a new exercise routine. Once you begin also take care to listen to your body. These workouts appear easy, but if you’re just starting out, take it slow. You should feel tired but if something hurts, stop.

If you are wondering how many days a week should I do Crossfit? Try to start doing it slowly.  It is better to add to your workout days than to take days out. So start with doing a WOD 2 days a week and see how you feel.

If you feel like you need more you can add days.  This way you will get the best CrossFit workouts while still getting the rest you need to recover.   

You may want to keep a record of your progress. Try alternating workouts, for example, do workout 1 on Monday, workout 2 on Wednesday and workout 5 on Friday.

Keep a tally on a calendar or notebook of which you do each day. In a CrossFit box, each workout is timed. It’s a good idea to run a timer at home too, you can then track your progress and see how much you’re improving with each subsequent workout.

Crossfit at home equipment

While you don’t NEED equipment to do CrossFit workouts at home, It can help to get you the best workout possible.  All of the suggested CrossFit WOD suggestions below can add equipment to so there will be resistance and building of muscle.

Here are a few suggestions of equipment that will be most effective.

Resistance bands – These can be used in so many different ways to help you with your workout or to add resistance to get your muscles working harder.

Pull up bar – This is a very simple way to get lots of exercises in a small amount of space.  It is cheap and easy to store.

Medicine balls – These are used for many different exercises and you can use it as added weight for sit-ups or other workouts.

Free weights – Another option to give yourself added weight or resistance. another item that is not needed when you first start out.

Wooden box for jump training – This is another great space saving tool but it is not as needed at home as you can use other furniture items if you choose.

Puzzle exercise mats for floor – This is a great addition if you have wood floors or are working out in your garage.

Training rope – This is a great way to get a quick full body workout in. This can also be used in many different ways.

Crossfit workouts at home

6 CrossFit Workouts at home WOD

Workout 1

100 Jumping Jacks

100 Push Ups (modified)

100 Sit-ups

100 Air Squats

Workout 2

20 Jumping Jacks

30 Push-ups

40 Sit-ups

50 Air Squats

Complete this rotation 5 times, resting for 3 minutes between each round.

Workout 3

10 Hand Release Pushups

10 V-sits

100 Air Squats

Complete this rotation 10 times, resting for 3 minutes between each round.

Workout 4

100 air squats

100 burpees

Workout 5

100 Jumping Jacks

75 air squats

50 Push Ups

25 Burpees

Complete 3 rounds resting 3 minutes between each round

Workout 6

Alternating leg lunges (30 for each leg) – can be done with or without weight

20 Push-ups

10 Burpees

10 Tricep dips – using a chair or couch

Complete 3 rounds resting 3 minutes between each round

Each of these crossfit workouts at home will give you a great workout!  You can do Crossfit every day if you would like to. But be sure you are giving yourself rest days when you need them.  

You don’t need to spend a fortune to do crossfit and get that great all body workout.  you can get your crossfit on in your home and get the same effective workout without spending a fortune.  These Easy crossfit at home WOD will get you started to get in shape all year long!

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