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When my oldest was 8 months old I started using cloth diapers so we could cut the costs.  At first I was so nervous about it.  I didn’t know if I could make that switch and be able to stomach the cleaning of the cloth diapers and the smell ( which is not as bad as I thought it would be).  I got a small amount of diapers, started using them and realized how easy it was.

I have never gone back to using disposables at home.  Sometimes I use them while out, sometimes I use cloth while out.  It was so nice to not to have to go to the store and spend a fortune on diapers just to have to return in a week or 2 to get more.  We saved so much money too.  I was shocked at the amount I saved.  sure it is more expensive to get your first set, but the savings over time have been more then I could have hoped for.  with each child you save more and more money.

It is the same with any other thing.  switching to cloth items help you to save money in the long run.  They may be more expensive at first, but the savings always outweighs the cost.  I now use cloth in place of most paper towels, cleaning cloths, facial cloths, diapers, anything to clean up the kids messes, cloth wipes, and swiffer dusters and sweepers.

All these things clean better or just as good as the disposable products.  Using these cloth things have helped us to think of what we are doing how much we are using and when we have to use disposable products we are more aware of how much we use.  Making this switch doesn’t only help with the cost of those things, it changes you way of thinking and how much you use.

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