We Have 2 Bathrooms! Changing Our Morning Routine


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So for the last 3 years, we have been living in a 950 square feet duplex that had one VERY SMALL ally shaped bathroom.  We had 5 of the 6 of us who were using that toilet each morning.  This created a little bit of a lesson in patience and we saw some very creative potty dances.

We would all wake up about the same time.  Most days we would all dash for the bathroom.  Whoever got there first gets to hear all the groans and complaining to hurry up.  Then those who didn’t make it first got to stand in the hall, which was also small and dance, run in place, or hold on for dear life until they got their turn.

cottonelle fresh wipes

We then would take turns using the bathroom until everyone had a turn.  This made mornings really crazy!  We were never able to take our time and do things properly.  You know like ensure you are taking proper care of yourself if you know what I mean…. 😉

So when we told the kids we were moving, needless to say, the first question they asked us was “will we still only have one bathroom?” We told the kids that no, we would have 2!  They all rejoiced!!!  and by rejoiced I mean they all got up and did a little dance.  this time it was a non-potty dance dance.  it was a rejoice in having and easier morning kind of dance.

We have LOVED having 2 bathrooms.  No more “hurry and get out!  There is a line!!!”  No more testing your bladder to see how much control you can have (after 4 kids this was a great daily exercise for me).  I love how this has given us some time to really spend enough time to do a real morning routine.  One where we ensure all parts of the morning routine are done completely.

For us that now includes the clean dream team, the Cottonelle fresh wipes and the clean care toilet tissue. I went into CVS when I got here to pick up a set for our new bathroom and just my luck they were on SALE!!!!  I also used this $1.50 off when you buy both the fresh wipes and the clean care toilet paper  coupon to get them for even cheaper.  Be sure you print that off before you go to the store too!

Cottonelle Coupon

We now have the TP on our roll and the wipes sitting in that really nice stand up container on the back of our toilet.  Easy access so we can use them and keep ourselves clean!  And the best part is that now our bathroom looks like this….

change your morning routine

Isn’t it beautiful????  Peace!

This post was sponsored by Cottonelle.  I was given the cottonelle and fresh wipes, but all opinions are my own.

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  1. AnnMarie Hofer says:

    Love this post. Currently we have one bathroom and 4 kids and we go through this daily. We are planning to stick it out until this house is paid off (Dave R. style) so hopefully the kids will get better at holding it and not complaining.

    1. I can’t say that we have not had complaining. We had a lot actually, but it was worth every second of potty dances in the hallway and pounding on the door to keep our debt to a minimum. Good job on your dedication, it will pay off in the end!