New Year’s Resolutions Ideas That Aren’t Health Focused

This year you can easily enjoy keeping these New Year’s resolutions that aren’t health focused.  Not only will they help you to improve your life, but they will also improve the lives of those around you.  A resolution is anything you want to change to improve an area of your life.  These tips are great for every family as well as any individual that is making new year’s resolutions. 

This year focus your new year's resolutions on things that are not health related. This is a way to make resolutions and goals that make a difference without adding a lot of extra work.

New Year’s Resolutions Ideas That Aren’t Health Focused

Create a savings plan for your family

Even if you live paycheck to paycheck, this New Year’s resolution is an excellent choice for your family.  Emergency funds can keep you from going further into debt and also help you to focus on staying out of debt.  Start with something low like $5-$10 per week and build your way up to larger amounts as your budget allows. 

Put the phone down

Avoid screen time when you are alone with your spouse or kids.  While there are times it is okay just to play a game or scroll social media, we have become so use to doing so we have forgotten how much it distracts from our relationships.  Next time you go out to dinner, put the phone away and focus on conversation instead.

Give back to your community  

From donating gently used items to those in need to the donation of blood for health causes, there is a multitude of ways to give back to your community.  Get involved with your family doing good things for those around your area.  Donate time, resources and love to those in need.

Downsize your life

Whether it means selling the spare car or simply learning to say no to people when they ask you to do something, it is a important to downsize your life.  Focusing on your goals is essential for your physical, mental and spiritual health.  Take stock of what you have in your life that is unnecessary and spend the time to let it go this year.

Make more one on one time with your spouse and children

We get so caught up in work and hobbies we often forget how important those one on one moments are for our family and the emotional health of everyone.  Focus a day each month that is just for each child or your spouse.  Whether it is a date night where you hire a babysitter, or a simple trip to a popular play center for a few hours with the kids, this is important for everyone and builds healthier and happier relationships. 

Plan for your future

This one is something that can be done in a day, week or month.  Make changes in everyday things that will improve your future.  Start a retirement savings plan.  Update your will and power of attorney needed for emergency situations.  Take care of life insurance policies for yourself, your spouse and your children.  Stop putting off those little things that can make a huge impact in your future.

These New Year’s resolutions that aren’t health focused are excellent choices this year when you decide to make changes in your life.  Not only do they focus on things that are good for you, but they are perfect for building a happier and healthier family life.  These can go alongside any health resolutions you make, or stand alone as great goals to focus on with your family this year.

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