How to Stretch Your Family Food Budget Without Eating Rice And Beans

Are you looking for how to stretch your family food budget? Our food budget has started to get out of control. I am trying to reign it in to be more in line with our budget and the needs of my family. Here are the simple ways I am stretching our money without having rice and beans every night! The list includes ideas for saving money on food in the home and while you are shopping at the supermarket.

Knowing the Difference Between Need and Want: Free Needs and Wants List

Knowing the difference between need and want is so hard!  That is because it is super hard to differentiate what is a need and what is a want.  I am always re-evaluating what the needs and wants list are for me and my family. To know what the difference is you have to look at basic […]

6 Simple Tasks To Encourage Financial Confidence

Having financial confidence is something that can come and go.  But there are lots of things you can do to help yourself feel more confident and secure with your finances as you go throughout your life.

7 Budgeting Activities To Teach Your Child Money Management

There are many budgeting activities to teach your child money management tips.  But some of them are not as fun as others or not as effective.  We have found that our kids do the best when we make things games. Wouldn’t it be awesome if kids were born to automatically understand budgeting and how it […]

The Best Money Management Software For Our Large Family Budget

Update: I no longer recommend Everydollar.  I found that if you are paying $99 a year you should be able to match transactions you manually enter and this tool does not let you do this. It also doesn’t give you much in the way of reports for tax purposes or anything like that.  I also […]

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