10 Budget Friendly Vacation Ideas

One of the hardest parts of living on a tight budget is that you don’t get to do many things for fun.  It can be done, but you have to really focus on budget friendly vacation ideas and try to find free things to do as well.  Having fun is an important part of making it through the tight budgeting times so you stay sane through the process.

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Are you looking for a budget friendly vacation idea, but don’t know where to start? Planning a vacation should be fun and exciting, which is where these 10 budget friendly vacation ideas come into play.

Budget Friendly Vacation Ideas

#1.Head to the Beach

If you live anywhere near the beach, this is the perfect budget friendly vacation idea.

#2. Go Camping

Take your family camping for a few nights to save on money and sanity. Getting away from those electronics is good for the soul.

#3. Visit a Local Aquarium

Stay the night in a local hotel and head to a local aquarium. Going on vacation doesn’t mean you have to travel incredibly far!

#4. Head to the Lake

Don’t live near the beach? A lake has the water and a beach, so enjoy spending some time there for a budget friendly vacation this year.

#5. Go On the Off Season

No matter where you’re looking at heading on vacation this year, always go on the off season because you are bound to save more money that way.

#6. Water Park

Water parks are a ton of fun, so this makes a very frugal and budget friendly vacation idea for your family this year.

#7. Keep Your Travel Radius Low

When you decide on a vacation spot, try to decide on a destination that isn’t too far away from home.

#8. Theme Park

If you live local to a theme park, then consider this for a budget friendly vacation. You can save money on travel and more money at the theme park.

#9. Visit State Parks

Most states have a ton of state parks for your enjoyment. Spend a week traveling to each state park to enjoy hiking, fishing, and whatever else nature has to offer.

#10. Visit Local Only

There may be a ton of local attractions that await you right in your own hometown. Take some time to find out what exists in your town locally and start enjoying a very budget friendly vacation.



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