Cashew Cream Recipe: A Dairy Free Sour Cream Substitute

  As I have been on the lookout for new and exciting frugal recipes that are dairy and soy free.  I was making a dish that needed sour cream, and due to my dairy and soy free diet, I am not able to use sour cream so I went on the internet and searched for […]

Frugal Garlic Cheddar Mashed Potatoes Recipe

The other night I had plans to make some plain old mashed potatoes from scratch.  But I decided I wanted something more.  So I began to experiment with them and I ended up making a great side!!!  I am excited to share this with you and see how you like it. 8-10 small – small […]

Guest Post: Freezer Corn On A Budget

This is a Guest Post From Spectacular Savings. I spent the morning/afternoon with my grandma, mom, and girls making freezer corn!  Four generations! We had 48 ears of corn to shuck and Cailynn enjoyed helping.  Well, she enjoyed taking the “skin” off but didn’t want to touch the “strings.” Once the corn was shucked, we […]

Frugal Cauliflower with Cheese Sauce Recipe

Cauliflower for me has always been something that you love or you hate.  It has a very bland taste and it sometimes it just not that great unless you have something to dip it in or eat it with.  I have found that there are 2 ways that I can make cauliflower that me and […]

Brussels Sprouts Recipe for Two

One of my goals in having this series is that I will try to cook things I have never cooked before.  I also want to try things I haven’t tried before or maybe haven’t liked before and try to find a recipe I like.  which brings us to this weeks Ingredient….brussels sprouts.  I have only […]

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