How To Cook More At Home So You Stop Eating Out

Sometimes the idea of having to cook more at home can be a very daunting task. Most people who eat take out often, think they would never have time to do it.  Since I was married I have always made dinner with the exception of a few times we went out to eat. It was […]

Easy and Quick Way to Shred Chicken in 30 Seconds Without a Blender!

Shredding chicken for some recipes sometimes is such a pain!  I always wished there was a quick way to shred chicken.  Sometimes it takes so much time to wait for it to cool enough so you don’t burn yourself, Or you have a TON so you sit pulling it apart forever.  This happens often when […]

Why You Should Use Batch Cooking To Make Ahead Meals

Batch cooking is a method of cooking where you cook the ingredients in batches.  I had never heard of this make ahead meals method of cooking before about three months ago.  But as I learned about it I realized that I was already doing this with some ingredients and not others.  This made my cooking […]

How To Cook From Scratch

Learning how to cook from scratch can be a very easy process if you break it down.  It is definitely a process.  One, that for a lot of people, happens over time.  There is no need to rush the process or to thing you have to jump in with 2 feet if you are going […]

How To Grill The Perfect Steak and Chicken

Summertime is known for beautiful weather, family get together and learning how to grill the perfect steak! The most amazing summer food typically comes off of a barbecue. Barbecuing isn’t an easy task if you don’t have the right tools and knowledge at your disposal. But it is simple to learn how to grill and […]

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