Easy and Quick Way to Shred Chicken in 30 Seconds Without a Blender!

Shredding chicken for some recipes sometimes is such a pain!  I always wished there was a quick way to shred chicken.  Sometimes it takes so much time to wait for it to cool enough so you don’t burn yourself, Or you have a TON so you sit pulling it apart forever.  This happens often when you are batch cooking.


Learn a quick way to shred chicken in 30 seconds or less without a blender and very little clean up! This is perfect for quick dinners or batch cooking!

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I have seen others use a stand mixer to shred their chicken before. And while I think this is a great idea and we have a stand mixer, it is not easily accessible and to just shred chicken it seemed a little silly to get it down just for that and have to wash it all out.

Quick Way to Shred Chicken in 30 Seconds

Plus we have always tried to be aware of our energy use and how to minimize it.  When you are living a frugal lifestyle while you pay off loans or save money, every penny counts!

Learn a quick way to shred chicken in 30 seconds with very little clean up! This is perfect for quick dinners, batch cooking, or cooking with kids!

So I decided I was going to find a new and easier way to do with with much less clean up.  I tried using 2 forks, still took a long time, I tried stirring with a spoon but nothing really happened.  I realized they needed pressure and mixing at the same time to make it a quick way to shred chicken.

I thought what about my potato masher?

So I pulled it out and started mashing my boiled chicken while slightly stirring it around the bowl.  30 seconds later I had a perfectly shredded bowl of chicken!  I didn’t even have to wait for it to cool!

Easy to do, easy to clean up!  Perfect easy and quick way to shred chicken! The best part is that my 7 year old can easily do it now too so it makes it a great way to get the kids involved in cooking dinner!

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  1. Caryn/The Mid Life Guru says:

    I do it just as quick with my hand mixer. No extra bowls. Super fast. I love being able to use shredded chicken in a jiffy.

  2. Honey Rowland says:

    As someone who could now be a jewel thief due to having my finger prints burnt off from hot chicken, I greatly appreciate this!

    1. Glad to help! I hated waiting for it to cool enough to shred!

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