11 Must Have Tools and Gadgets for Cooking on a Budget

Cooking on a budget can be a challenge sometimes.  Especially when you kitchen isn’t stocked with the tools you need to cook from scratch.

Here are my top picks to tools I use regularly in my kitchen that help me to cook on a budget.  Each of these have many uses in our house and I try to only keep items I can use for multiple things.  Because it can be hard to cook with recipes like low budget chicken enchiladas if you don’t have the right tools.  It also helps to keep your kitchen less cluttered if you are focusing on just having the things you really need and using them for all the uses they have.

cooking on a budget

I have each of these in my kitchen so if you have any questions on how I use them please ask!

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11 Must Have Tools and Gadgets for Cooking on a Budget

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Kitchen Aid – This may seem like a large cost for something in a frugal kitchen.  But I can’t tell you how much easier this makes bread making!  Also you can use it to shred chicken, beat eggs or other items and many other things.  This is the one large tool I wouldn’t trade for the world.  It is worth the cost you pay for it and then some.

Silicon Spatulas – These are the perfect tool to me.  You can cook with them in hot pans, use them in baking or use them to scrape pans out.  They are easy to wash and they last for years!  We have about 4 of these because we use them a lot.  But I could probably get by with only 2-3 if I didn’t have space for the extras.

basic kitchen tools set – This tool set includes a can opener, a peeler, plastic spoons, tongs and a whisk.  You will use all of these in your cooking and preparing of the food.  I use it and wash some of these items a few times a day since we have no dishwasher.

wooden spoons – These are great for so many things.  There will be times where you want a non-plastic spoon.  These are great for stirring mixes and breads and also for cooking those items that are cooked on a higher heat then your plastic spoons will take. I have 2 of these.

Measuring cups and Measuring spoons – I would suggest having a couple sets of these in your house.  I have 2 sets of measuring spoons and I have a set of wet measuring cups and a set of dry measuring cups.  I really use this brand too.  😉  We use these all the time.  I am usually washing them multiple times a day because I will use them and then need them for the next meal.  I do this so I don’t have too many items in my tiny little kitchen.

Quality set of pots and pans – This is important just because of longevity.  You will use these every day.  It is important to invest some money into something that will last.  otherwise you will be spending a ton a little at a time replacing the scratched and bent pans.  The type of pans you get depend on your preference, but this like the mixer and the blender are something you want to budget extra for the quality.

Deep Frying pan or Skillet – I use this on a daily basis.  I cook everything in it.  Because I am cooking for 6 people I usually need a bigger pan then our larger frying pan because I have to stir it.  So I use it all the time.  The important part of this for cooking frugally is that you can use this to make double batches of your meals so you can freeze some for later!

Wok – We make a lot of stir fries.  this is a great way to stretch money on meats.  When you make a stir fry you can use 1 breast of chicken or 1 cut of meat for a while meal.  This is also great for cooking meats in bulk because you can easily stir it so it cooks evenly.

Quality Knives – Like the pots and pans these get used a lot!  If you don’t get quality knives they go dull very quickly.  They also may bend or break.  Getting quality knives helps you to be able to cut items faster and better and it also helps you cut them in bulk.  This is really important in any family!  Faster prep equals faster meals and more time to spend with your family!

Mixing Bowl set – We have 2 different sets of these.  We have a glass set and a plastic set.  The reason we have the glass set is because we have certain breads and recipes where we need a glass bowl.  But You can get what fits your family.  We use these at least once a week depending on what we make that week.  Glass is good because you can cook in it if needed too.

Vitamix or Blentec – We have a Vitamix.  We use it for everything.  we have made scrambled eggs in bulk in them, We use the dry container to grind our wheat.  We make smoothies, soups, and so much else.  We don’t have any other blender because this does it all!

What other items do you think are important when your cooking on a budget???

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