How To Grill Your Favorite Fruits On The BBQ

Sure you might love to grill hot dogs, burgers, chicken, and steak, but have you ever considered how to grill your favorite fruit? fruit? Fruit can actually be quite flavorful when cooked on the grill, and a wonderful addition to any meal. If you have never grilled fruit before and want to learn how, Check out these tips and instructions on how to grill your favorite fruits on the BBQ!

Are you looking for how to grill your favorite fruits on the BBQ? These tips and recipes will help you grill fruits that are a great treat, snack or side!

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How to grill four favorite fruits on the BBQ

Grilling fruits is sometimes a hard to master, but these tips will help you know how to grill your favorite fruits so you can make the best tasting fruit around that is also healthy!

1. Some fruits are better than others

Let’s be honest. Throwing a handful of blueberries on the grill just doesn’t make much sense. The truth is some fruits are better to grill than others. Your larger, non-berry varieties are typically best. This means fruits like pineapple, apples, pears, and peaches. Have you ever had grilled pineapple?  To die for!  Add a sprinkle of brown sugar and you will never think of pineapple the same!

When grilling, avoid fruits that are small or are made up primarily of water.  For example, watermelon, as they won’t grill well. The water will evaporate and cause the fruit to shrivel and all the taste to disappear!

2. Cut your fruit thick

Fruit tends to shrivel when it is grilled on a BBQ. You want to try cutting your fruit pieces thick. Start by removing any core or un-edible skin, then cut the fruit into one inch thick slices. This will give the fruit enough space to shrivel on the edges without completely shriveling up the fruit.

If your fruit has a core or seed be sure, you also take those out before grilling as they will get tougher as it cooks. Once the fruit is cored and sliced it is ready to go on the grill!

3. Spray your grates well

Make sure your grates are clean and sprayed with a nonstick cooking spray before you cook. If you don’t like cooking spray, you could also use cooking oil and a brush as well.  This will help the fruit grill nicely and not stick or fall apart when flipped. You can use a basic turner when flipping. I prefer silicon ones because of flexibility and non-stick capabilities.

4. Grill the fruit as you would fish

I say fish because you typically need to grill it for just a few minutes per side. Fruit won’t take long to cook, so 3-4 minutes per side should be perfect! A few grill marks in the fruit are always a nice touch. Also, a light crisping and browning of the fruit is welcomed and adds a yummy sweetness as well!

5. Add some toppings

Once your fruit is grilled, you can remove it from heat and add some savory toppings. Goat cheese, feta cheese, and other cheese varieties are a nice touch and taste great. You can also top the fruit with some balsamic dressing if you wish.
Grilled fruit pairs well with fish, beef, and even chicken. Don’t be afraid of the sweet and savory mix, welcome it!

If you have never tried grilling fruit before, now is the time. Toss a few slices on the grill the next time you fire it up, and see what sort of results you can get. You might find that you love the unique flavor! And you are sure to appreciate how easy it is. Give it a try!

You can also grill your whole dinner at once when you make these easy shish kababs as the main dish!

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