How to Prep Dried Beans


Did you know that there are multiple ways to reconstitute dry beans??  Did you know they also can be frozen to store for later??

One way to be healthy and to use some of your stored beans is to soak them and use them in place of meat.  There are a couple ways you can reconstitute dry beans.  Both are good, it is more of a preference thing which one you use.

1. Overnight Soak- to do this method you sort and rinse the beans.  then you put 3 times the amount of water in the pan and soak them overnight.  The next morning, you will need to cook the beans for 1-1,5 hours and then you can cool and store in the fridge until night.  If you are looking to reduce gas caused by beans drain the water and refill with 3 times the water and cook.

2. Quick Soak- To do this sort and rinse beans.  Then cover with 3 times water and bring to a boil 2 minutes.  Then turn off heat and let soak for 1 hour.  Then turn on heat again and simmer covered 1-1.5 hours.  Darker beans take longer to cook so keep that in mind.  If you are looking to reduce gas caused by beans drain the water and refill with 3 times the water and cook.

I use beans regularly and I was making beans each week.  I recently read in a book that you can freeze them for up to 6 months and defrost and use them.  This is a great idea!!  I plan in doing it to see how it works the next batch I make.  I will probably do 2 lbs of beans and break it into 4 bags to freeze.  This will keep your expenses down too because you will be using less power by doing it all at once.

I am also trying to use different types of beans and trying to find recipes that use some different types of beans.  I usually use pinto beans or white beans.  so I am going to try to use black beans and kidney beans more to see how I like them.  I was also thinking of making hummus at home with dry garbanzo beans.  Has anyone done that and have a good recipe???

Now it is time to hear from you!  I love hearing from my readers and I am sure you all have lots to say so here are some questions if you need some help getting started.  I am sure we all can help each other live frugally and healthy!
Do you have any tips on cooking beans?  How do you cook and use beans??  What is your favorite type of beans to use?

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