12 Ingredient Substitution Tips Frugal Recipes Use

Ingredient Substitution Tips Frugal Recipes Use

Have you ever been cooking a recipe and realize your out of something you need?  It happens to me ALL the time!

Cooking and baking can call for some special ingredients that can add up quickly and do a number on your wallet. But how can you enjoy these recipes without spending a whole lot? Do substitutions of course!

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In this post, I will show you some substitutions for expensive ingredients, swapping them with lower cost ones. You won’t really notice a difference in taste and recipes you want to make will be do-able now!

 Ingredient Substitution Tips Frugal Recipes Use

Lemon Juice– Try using white vinegar.

Buttermilk– You can make your own by mixing whole milk with lemon juice. Just use 1 tbsp per cup of milk.

Saffron– Use turmeric. Saffron is crazy expensive, but turmeric has a similar taste and costs a lot less.

Bread crumbs– Just make your own. Save stale bread in the freezer. When a recipe calls for it, instead of buying a canister, take a few pieces out and put them in a food processor.

Capers– Use green olives. They are a lot cheaper and will have a very similar taste. Just mince them.

Eggs– Use 3 tbsp mayonnaise per egg called for in the recipe. This works best for non-baking recipes.

Macadamia nuts– Almonds have a close texture and taste and are much more friendly to a budget.

Honey: Honey has gotten expensive. Try using light corn syrup instead.

Lemongrass: Try using 1 tablespoon lemon zest (peel) per 2 stalks called for.

Rum– Use rum extract. It can be found in the baking aisle and you just need ½ tsp extract plus water to make 1 tablespoon total.

Meat- If you have a recipe that calls for a large amount of meat, try substituting half the recipe with beans. The protein in the beans will make the recipe taste just as filling.

Pine nuts-try pumpkin seeds. They are about half the cost and taste very similar.

Butter– Try using canola oil. Just use the same amount as the recipe calls for with butter and you may even find it leaves your baked goods even more moist.

Vinegar– This is an extra frugal trick: Save your pickle juice and use it in salad dressings that call for vinegar. It will have a great taste with the seasonings from the dill in the pickle.

Ground Beef: Try ground turkey. It is usually a dollar or more off the price of a pound of ground beef and cooks up very similar. An extra bonus? It is lower is fat.

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  1. This was such a useful post that I have to put it in my pocket for later. I currently don’t have a kitchen and I admit I miss baking but I am sure when our son will be older we will not be living in a hotel for ever. We live in a hotel in Thailand now because of my husband’s work.
    Nice to meet you by the way!

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