How to Prepare Dried Beans (Overnight and Quick Soak Included)

Did you know that there are multiple ways to prepare dried beans??  They are easy to do and there are benefits to both so which do you do?  Check out both below and decide which you like! Do You have to Soak Beans before cooking them? One way to be healthy and to use some […]

5 Tips For Making The Best Dehydrated Apples Ever

Have you ever wanted to make dehydrated apples? Dried apples last longer than fresh, and can then be used in desserts, trail mix, and more. You can even try your hand at crafting with dried apples, take for instance adding it to potpourri or dried sachets. Take a look below at 5 tips for making dehydrated […]

Guest Post: Freezer Corn On A Budget

This is a Guest Post From Spectacular Savings. I spent the morning/afternoon with my grandma, mom, and girls making freezer corn!  Four generations! We had 48 ears of corn to shuck and Cailynn enjoyed helping.  Well, she enjoyed taking the “skin” off but didn’t want to touch the “strings.” Once the corn was shucked, we […]

Storing Ground Wheat

Sometimes fridays sneak up on me!  This is one of those fridays!  I just lost track of time and here it is almost 9:00 and I just realized that I needed to post this!!!  I know, I’m a bit absent minded at times. I want to talk abotu storage of wheat after you grind it […]

Converting Recipes For Dried Food

This week on Food Storage Friday I want to talk about conversions.  To be able to use your storage for somethings you have to use it in recipes that aren’t written for food storage.  So I wanted to try to get 1 place where you have conversion charts.  I may find what I can right […]

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