7 Easy Ways To Save Money At The Home Improvement Store

If you are gearing up for a significant renovation or just some basic home improvements I am sure you are looking for ways to save money at the home improvement store!

How to Build A DIY Free Standing Single Shelf or Multiple Shelves

Have you ever made freestanding shelves? When we found out we were expecting our fourth baby, I began to look at the kids room in our 2 bedroom duplex, and try to figure out what we were going to do to be able to fit another body into the little room.  I quickly realized that […]

7 Money Saving Questions to Ask a Prospective Contractor

Some of us pride ourselves on being seasoned “do-it-yourself” experts and saving tons of money in our home, but sadly some people do not have that ability.  Other times there are projects that are just too big or complex for a homeowner and the only feasible solution is to hire a contractor for the job.  […]

Guest Post: 5 Ways To Remodel Your Kitchen On a Budget

The following a is a guest post by Tina Jacobs When you envision your dream kitchen, do you picture stainless steel appliances, a cord backsplash with matching floors, and a double range to die for? I know I do!  Regardless of if your dream kitchen is country chic or sleek modern metal, you can have your cake […]

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