5 Tips to Finding Quality Clothes at a Thrift Store

Finding quality clothes at thrift stores can be done if you are patient and know what you are looking for.  There are lots of great name brand clothing items that you can get at a deep discount Decide what your looking for before going to the store – whether it is shirts, pants, skirts, whatever. […]

Cutting Costs by Simplifying Your Wardrobe

photo credit: EvelynGiggles Many of you know that I have spent the last little while trying to figure out fashion on a small budget.  I have been recently quite successful when I realized how to shop so you have a style rather then like you went to the clearance rack and bought whatever was the […]

Making the Most of Your Clothing Budget: Shopping Trip

Today I went thrift store shopping with my friend.  Here is a video I made of what I got.  Yes, I said VIDEO!!  I am hopefully going to keep sharing as I get cheap things.  You will notice a place where the video fades in and out.  The camera ran out of batteries so I […]

Guest Post: Consigning Tips and Tricks

This is a guest post from Melissa at Stockpiling Mom’s I wanted to discuss Consigning for cash!  I am a huge fan of consignment stores.  If you are going to open an account to sell I believe that the selecting your store is key!  You want a store that has been established for a while, […]

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