Making the Most of Your Clothing Budget: Shopping Trip

Today I went thrift store shopping with my friend.  Here is a video I made of what I got.  Yes, I said VIDEO!!  I am hopefully going to keep sharing as I get cheap things.  You will notice a place where the video fades in and out.  The camera ran out of batteries so I had to combine 2 videos.  *Mental note – check batteries before starting a video for the blog*

And here I am in the CUTE jacket I got.  I can’t wait to find more to pair with it.  (My 4 year old took the picture since my husband was already gone for work.  pretty good hu?)

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Have you found any steals lately at Thrift stores???

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  1. heh cool vid! neat to see you online like that. Some pretty awesome finds, I love that dark sweater. You should come to az..the Goodwills have 1/2 off everything every other Saturday. I havent gone for awhile but when I do I will post any deals I get. I did go to one of my fave thrift stores in Woodland on Main St (there are a few) and got 2 Old Navy Skirts and a cherry skirt for less than $5. Everything was 1/2 off that day. Total good deal!

    1. Nice work Stacie! They have 1/2 off certain tag colors at that store I went to as well. But none of them were my tags, but hopefully next time!

  2. I love shopping at Thirft Stores not only for clothing but other houshold items. Recently got a steal on a Loft Bed for my daughter. Had looked at the same bed at a local furniture store with a price tag of over $400 was able to get the same bed at our local Salvation Army Thrift store for $79 although we need to purchase a new futon mattress for it still well below the retail of $400. Love getting bargins!!

    1. that is great!!! I have been trying to find a table we like and it has been hard!