My Favorite was the Sea Lion!!!

Sea World

Our Sea World Trip

Last week we went to Sea World.  It was SO much fun to spend a day with the kids!  I heard about an awesome thing that they do at Sea World San Diego (and probably others).  They have educational home school field trip days.  Since we home school our daughter for preschool, I was able to go.  It was seriously SO much cheaper.  The tickets are SUPER discounted and you are able to be int he park all morning.  We saw many animals and a couple shows.

The kids LOVED the day.  We left with them saying how much fun it was and how much they wanted to come back.

They touched a hedge hog, chocolate chip star fish and got to feed a bird some bugs.  They were also able to see so many amazing sea animals.  I was reminded of the fascination I had with dolphins and other sea mammals when I was younger.  I used to LOVE to watch them swim and glide through th water.  What amazing creations they are!!!!

When we left I asked my son what his favorite part was, expecting to hear him say something like Shamu, or maybe this moment,

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But no, he responds “the sea lion.”   That was the first thing we saw and he was glued to the show that showed how they trained them and how they spoke and we were able to watch them swim and jump out of the water!

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