5 Tips to Finding Quality Clothes at a Thrift Store

How to find Quality Clothes at a Thrift Store

Finding quality clothes at thrift stores can be done if you are patient and know what you are looking for.  There are lots of great name brand clothing items that you can get at a deep discount

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  1. Decide what your looking for before going to the store – whether it is shirts, pants, skirts, whatever.  make a decision before you go to look for that particular item.  that way you can focus your time on that item and then move to others if you have more time.
  2. Look at every item in your size – Yes, this can take a while, but when you do this you are being sure you are touching the items.  This helps you to see if the fabric is thick or thin.  This also helps you to look at the labels to see the brands name.
  3. Check the sizes one up and one down from your size – A lot of people will find items and as they move down the aisle they will put the items back.  They will still be with the shirts, but in the wrong size.  So you can find a lot of items that are great items in the sizes around your own.
  4. Know your brands before you go to the store – if you don’t know the names of the brands you like or that fit well you wont get the high quality or name brand items that will last.
  5. Check all the seams and fabric before buying the garment – Check for holes, marks on the clothing, snags or warn areas of fabric.  On pants be sure to check the crotch area.  this is the most common area to have wear and holes but it is also the spot where you don’t usually look at because it is hidden.

What tips do you have to getting quality clothes on a budget?

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