How to Save Money When Building A House

Purchasing a home is possibly the largest event that you will make in your lifetime. Making the decision to build a home instead of buying one adds a large amount of complexity to the process. You will have to worry about every detail from buying the perfect plot of land to choosing countertops that match […]


7 Money Saving Questions to Ask a Prospective Contractor

Some of us pride ourselves on being seasoned “do-it-yourself” experts and saving tons of money in our home, but sadly some people do not have that ability.  Other times there are projects that are just too big or complex for a homeowner and the only feasible solution is to hire a contractor for the job.  […]

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5 Ways to Save Money In The Home

  Running a household budget can get overwhelming and expensive! There are so many costs that go into running a home but there are also several ways you can save money in the home. Saving money in your home just takes a little creativity and determination.  By looking outside the box you can learn many […]


How to Save Money on Cable

While cable is one of those luxuries that many households enjoy having, It is also great to save money on cable so your not bursting your budget.  Cable is one of the first things to go when money gets tight. This is how it should be if you can’t afford it.  It is a luxury, not a […]


4 Ways to Save Money on Heating and Air Conditioning Costs

When I started looking for ways to cut the costs, I thought of a lot of obvious things.  Turn off the lights when your not in the room, unplug appliances when not in use, keep the AC a degree or 2 higher then normal, and turn off the TV and radio when your not watching […]

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