Saving Money On Energy Costs

I  was reading for my class I am doing and I was reading a blog called “Guide To Smart Shopping”.  Bridget posted a great list of ideas on how to shrink your Energy Costs and it got me thinking of all the things that we do to bring down our costs.

One of the things she mentioned in her first point was using a surge protector power cord so you can turn off the power to items when you don’t need them.  I saw this surge protector on the news about a year ago and I thought it looked like the neatest way to be cheap ever!

First I have to say I don’t have one of these although I will be using my Swagbucks to get the amazon gift cards so I can get free very soon.  They are a little more costly then other surge protectors, but It is well worth it for the savings and time it will save you.

The Smart Strip LCG3 has 10 outlets that automatically shut off when you turn off the appliance that is plugged into it.  how cool is that??  no flipping a switch, no forgetting about flipping the switch and kicking yourself 2 days later for forgetting.  It just does it for you!!!  This is such an easy way to save money, you don’t even have to think about it!  Remember that some investment are worth making for the savings you get out of it in the end.

Another thing that will cut the cost of energy costs is using the light the sun gives you.  I started doing this about a year ago.  We started to open the blinds more instead of turning on lights in the morning.  This gets challenging if you live in a hot area ( like we do) because the sun coming in heats the house and makes the air run more.  So in the mornings we have the blinds and curtains open, then as it starts to get warmer outside we close them up and only use the essential lights we NEED.  In the winter however, it is a helpful thing to keep the blind open at the hottest part of the day because it will heat your home for you making the heater run less int he afternoon.  Here is a video tutorial on making a solar heater for your home out of pennies!

Lastly, try to do all baking and cooking in the coolest part of the day.  For us that would be early morning only.  For others this would be early mornings and evenings.  When ever it is, try to do all your baking or cooking at that time.  If you can’t try to do your cooking out on the BBQ.  You would be surprised to see what you can cook on a BBQ.  I have had a friend who, while remodeling her kitchen, cooked a cake on her BBQ!!  This will keep the house cooler and save you money on cooling costs.  In the Winter cook at the coldest times of the day so it will heat up the house a bit more so your heat doesn’t run as much.

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How do you save on your energy bill?

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  1. Barbecued cake? I’ve tried all manner of food in my life so far, but that’s one I haven’t ever heard of yet. I think the smoky barbecue flavours would work best with a rich Christmas type cake rather than a strawberry flan or a lemon cheescake though 😛

    For energy bill advice, on top of all the practicalities, I’d suggest shopping around and seeing what the best deals are. here in the UK. Some companies such as specialise in cheap electricity and gas.