Saving Money At The Grocery Store By Price Matching

price matching to save you money on Groceries

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Each time I go out to grocery shop, I have one of these two situations to deal with.

Stop touching your brother!

Me loading 4 kids into the car and driving to the store where I take them all out and load 2 of the littles into the cart.  Usually one kid in the cart seat and the other in the basket.  Then I load the other 2 on the side of the cart and push it  into the store.  While in the store, My time is usually taken up with me telling my kids to stop touching, stop running away… “where did you go??”  “why are you touching that?  I have told you 3 times to put it down.”  “No, you can’t have that candy, put it down.”   “sit down!”  Ya, you get the idea. Or….

Toothpicks holding the eyelids up

It is 9:30 at night.  I am able to go to the store by myself. (YAY!!! PARTY!!!!)  BUT most of the stores close between 10pm and 11pm.  I literally have time to go to 1 maaayyyybe 2 stores and then it will be too late and I will be totally exhausted because of a crazy day and a crazy late trip to the grocery store.

But when you are on a tight budget, you are always looking for the best deals, the way you can only buy what is the cheapest at the store.  So how do you do this when you have no time or a ton of other things that keep you from getting in and out like you want to?

Price matching to the rescue!!!!!

Price matching means that you go into a store with ads from other stores and you are given the advertised price on the same product in the ad.  For most places that item has to be the exact same size, item name and look as the ad.

There are very few stores that are national chains that price match.  Walmart and Target both price match with certain restrictions.  Those are the only 2 food stores that I am aware of that match consistently.  This doesn’t mean that some of your local grocery stores wont price match as well.

Keep your eyes open!

We spent 5 years in an area before we found a local grocery store that price matched.  This was mostly because we weren’t looking for it.  I am sure we would have found it much earlier if we had known what to do.

To find out if your local store price matches, go into your local grocery stores, find an employee, and ask them if they price match.  Sounds simple hu???  It is!  You may be surprised to find a store that does price match in your area.  If you still don’t find one, always price match at Walmart or Target.  You can get it all in 1 spot and get all the deals you need while you are there.

This is the best way to save money on food especially on fresh items such as meats and fruits and vegetables.  So if you are into organics or eating clean or fresh, you are able to get the best deals in the area in 1 stop.  This saves on gas and time as well as money!  It is a Win, Win!

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  2. Melissa – so much great stuff in this article about saving money by price matching!

    While it takes some effort to undertake – going to different stores and making grocery lists takes time – price matching is a great way to save money.

    Which grocery items have you found to be the most common and the best deal for price matching? For example, do you find that diapers are often a lot cheaper at other stores? Sometimes, items are very similar prices, but other times, they are cheaper by quite a bit.