How To Extreme Coupon Shop: Where To Find Coupons

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When you first start couponing it is a good idea to take a couple weeks to gather coupons and only do a few deals until you get more coupons acquired.  

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A lot of times coupons are best when used a month or 2 after they come out.  This isn’t always the case, but because of that you don’t want to use your coupons right when you get them.

To build you coupon stash there are a few places that need to be looked at or purchased.  I wanted to list all these out so you can be sure you are using all your resources to get the best deals so you save the most money.

Where To Find Printed Coupons

First is your local Newspapers.

You want to get as many copies as you have people in your home.  This is how many items you will be buying so you want to have enough for everyone.  It is also helpful because when you are buying for a stock pile you buy 3 or 4 (or more) of the items so you have enough of them to use at least until the next sale.  So you want to be sure to have enough coupons to build our stock pile and not have to buy things when they aren’t on sale to get you to the next sale.

If you need a subscription to your paper check out the Exclusive Newspaper Deals deals I have available here on Living A Frugal Life!

Second, you need to utilize the computer and printable coupons.

These are coupons that you find on the internet and print off yourself.  These are found all over the net.  There are sites that are dedicated to just putting up coupons for companies so consumers can print them out.  There is a list of those on our printable coupons page.

Usually when people put together deals for the week they will put links to the printables, so you don’t have to find them.  But if you need an item, be sure to check out the Coupon Database before you go shopping to see if you can find one.  Most of these these coupons are higher value coupons then the ones you find in your newspaper.

Third is mailers.

A lot of companies will put together coupons books of their products.  These are usually signed up for online.  Some of the coupon books that are constantly coming out are “Home Made Simple, Target, Simple and Delicious, and Mambo Sprouts”.  When they are available you will want to register to receive one.  These coupons usually will not have expiration dates for a couple months and will give you more coupons to work from.

There are also store coupons, and other coupons in the stores that are a great resource.  Keep your eyes out for all the coupons you can an in no time your stock will be built!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    For many, finding coupons is not the hard part. Organizing them so you can find the ones you need is the tough part. Having tons of coupons but not being able to find the ones you need defeats the purpose of couponing.


  2. The friday edition of “Becoming a Sassy Saver” is going to be all about the organizing part! come back to see it on friday at 9:00am!

  3. Christine Barnum says:

    I was at your class today at Harlan Ranch and I had to leave early and I wanted to get the newspaper deal you offered. Also, I know you also said sign up for things but im afraid to get a virus in my computer if I sign up for the wrong thing.
    Thanks for the class great info

    1. I will email you about the newspaper subscription, but as for the freebies, I always check them before I post them. So you should have no problem with viruses and such.