Guest Post: How To Get Deals When You Dine Out

deals on Dining out

How to get deals when you dine out

Whether you are looking for a fun family night out at a restaurant or busy carting the kids from one busy weekend activity to another, making purchases at fast-food or sit-down restaurants should always involve a coupon. The average US household spent $2,619 on food away from home in 2009 (that’s about 5% of total expenditures). Did you know that  a typical day in 2012 for the restaurant-industry means $1.7 billion in sales? This is a lot of money, but you can save more money on food! Here are some tips to obtaining restaurant coupons for free:

  • Before you leave home, go online and print dining coupons. Just visit a free coupons website and select from available offers then click coupons to print.
    1. If there are places you dine at often, sign up for email notifications to hear about new coupons.
  • Check out group buying discounts by looking at sites such as Groupon and Living Social. These usually can help you save about 50%.
    1. You can save even more when you purchase them online by shopping through a cash back site. You just click through to earn free cash back on top of getting a great deal. After signing in your free account, click on a money-saving offer for Groupon, Living Social or another group buying provider and shop as normal, completing your purchase in a timely manner in the current browser.

This is a guest post from Jon Lal, founder of coupons & cash back website and couponing & savings expert. offers free printable restaurant coupons for more than 250 dining establishments from fast food to fine dining. also offers free cash back for Groupon, Living Social and 3,000+ other online stores.

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