Extreme Couponing: How To Save 60-100% on Your Grocery Bill

The new series Extreme Couponing starts tonight. I shared my opinion on the first episode before. I hope the series shows more of real life so people can see what real life living with coupon shopping is really like.  I want each person to save money, and feed their family good meals.  This means saving at the grocery store, not having your house filled with stuff that you get from deals at the store.

If you are wanting to start couponing, here is a list of places you can start, so you can save 60-100% on your grocery bill.

Couponing 101:

1. Coupon Lingo

2. Where to Get Coupons

3. Organizing Your Coupons

4. What Is A Catalina And How Is It Used

5. Stacking Coupons: How To Do It

6. Organizing Yourself Before You Go To The Store

7. Shopping With Coupons and Kids

8. The Checkout Lane

9. What Stores Do With Coupons

10. How To Pay It Forward

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