How to Extreme Coupon Shop: Making The Checkout Lane a Happy Experience

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The checkout lane can be stressful for you and for the cashier.  I think it is important to be sensitive to all people in the equation.  In the time I have been couponing, I have learned a few things that have helped me to have a good experience as I am checking out.

First off it is important to remember that it isn’t regular practice for stores to teach their cashiers the coupon policy of their store.  Most cashiers just don’t now so when they ask you questions or have to go check with a manager about a coupon, they are learning.  So try to take the time to teach them how it all works.

Before I go to the cash register I pick a non-busy aisle in the store and I take some time to double check my purchases and to get my coupons in order.  If I am doing more then 1 transaction, I split the coupons up per transaction.  I then do a quick add of all the items and get my money ready.  The helps my stress level to be way down when I get up to pay and give them my coupons.

Then When I go to pick my checkout lane I take a moment to scan the lanes and see if I know if there are any more coupon friendly cashiers working.  I also try to pick a lane that isn’t to busy.  The cashiers with busy lanes tend to be a bit more stressed so picking a less busy one helps to not make them feel overwhelmed.

How to Extreme Coupon Shop: Making The Checkout Lane a Happy Experience

Here are a few other things that you can do to help the experience go smoothly.

1. Smile!  Saying hello and smiling when you get up to do your transaction can go a long way.  It starts everything off on a positive note.  Ask them how their day is going.  Have a conversation with them.  I don’t think most people do this. People are always in a hurry and I think when people take a moment out of their day to care about someone the whole day is better.

2. Ask if they would like the coupon after the item or at the end.  Each cashier likes it a bit differently.  With the exception of a few coupons that may take some explaining, the coupons are usually self explanatory.  They then also don’t have to find the item if there is a question on a coupon.

3. Have yourself organized before you go up.  I explained that above but I just want to emphasize that this is when helps with your stress!

4. if you have a problem with a coupon and there are people behind you, remain calm and patient.  Ask the cashier what the problem is and ask if they need the item it goes to.  if you still have a problem then finish your transaction, or suspend it if your store allows that, go to the customer service counter and have them help you through the problem.  This way there will not be people behind you putting pressure on you or the cashier.

Remaining kind, patient and organized will bring you success in couponing.  You will learn what cashiers are the best for you to go to and your experiences at the store will get better and better.

What tips do you have to make the checkout line a good experience?

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