How To Extreme Coupon Shop: What The Stores Do With The Coupons

How To Extreme Coupon Shop: What The Stores Do With The Coupons

How To Extreme Coupon Shop: What The Stores Do With The Coupons

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This is something I always wondered as I started couponing.  I had visions of cashiers standing around a table sorting the coupons as the grumbled about how they hated people using coupons.  Once I learned the process, It helped me to not feel so bad about using the coupons.  Don’t fret!!!  You are not adding work to the cashier by using coupons.  They are just like money.

Here is the process after you give the cashier the coupon:

The first thing that happens is that the coupons are put in the register until the end of the night when the cashier counts the coupons, like they do the cash, to be sure the register is balanced.  The coupons are then added to all the other coupons they have in the store and sent to corporate.

Corporate then takes all the coupons and puts them in a big bag that will be sent to a 3rd party clearing house company.  Some stores use companies overseas, others use companies in the country.  Each store has it’s own way of doing this so if you want to know about your store, call their corporate office to find out.

The clearing house company takes all the coupons that are in good condition and puts them on a big conveyor belt so they can be scanned.  Each coupon is then scanned at this point.  as they are scanned the computer organizes the total amount by the manufacturers name.  The coupons are then organized by manufacturer using an automated process and the coupons and an invoice are prepared to be sent to the manufacturer.  The coupons are then sent to the manufacturer.  Some manufacturers will recount the coupons when they receive them to ensure there is no fraud happening.

The stores get paid directly from the clearing house.  The manufacturer then pays the bill to the clearing  house.  The total amount also adds $.08 per coupon to cover shipping and handling.

That is the whole process.  If a coupon scans at the store, the chance it will be paid is great.  So when you go into the store you don’t have to feel like you are taking their money or making them loose money.

This is something a lot of cashiers don’t understand and why they give couponers a hard time.  Don’t be surprised if you have to help them understand this and be patient with them.

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