Save money by Checking Prices Constantly

Do you ever feel like the insurance companies or other companies you have accounts with are not giving you the best price?  Chances are they gave you the best deal they could at the time.  The fact is that prices chance all the time.  Wheat was the best deal before may not be now.  Or it could still be the best deal you can get.  You never know until you check.

a woman comparing prices in the grocery store

That is one of the biggest things we have done to save us money is to be constantly comparing prices on everything all the time.  Even if you are locked into a contract, you can still negotiate a special price on most things.  We have been able to negotiate a better phone and internet price, a better insurance rate and higher interest rates on our accounts.  We have done this through looking at the rates and prices available at the time.

A lot of times you can lower your price at your current company by calling them and telling them the prices you have found for other companies, but sometimes it takes more work then that.  You want the best price you can get and to get the most for your money and while I wont tell you to be rude (because I don’t’ think that is right) sometimes you have to be firm and keep trying to get what you want.

You may have to call the companies back a couple times until you get a customer service rep who is willing to work with you to get the best price.  And you may have to talk to a supervisor or 2 to get what you want.  It is worth the time this takes because when you may be saving an extra $30 a month.  That is $370 a year.  Each little bit adds up.

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