What to Invest in Now so You Can Save Later

Saving money isn’t always about saving.  Sometimes you have to know what to invest in now so you can save it later.  This was a hard concept for me to understand for a while.  I am not a spender.  My husband struggled to get me to spend money even when it was needed.  I am a saver, and I hate spending money, but he is helping me to understand why it can be important sometimes.

Are you looking for what to invest in now so you save money later? With a small investment these items will save you hundreds every year!

There are a few things that you will want to spend money on as an investment so that you will save later.  Some of these things could be a bit more expensive at first, but they save you so much more than you spend so it is worth it.

What to invest in now so you save money later

Water Heater Blanket

Most cost around $50 at your local hardware store.  Install it yourself and that is it!  It helps your water heater to hold the heat in so it doesn’t run as much.  This is especially important if your water heater is outside.

Water Saving Shower Heads and Water Saving Toilets 

The cost will depend on how many of these you have in your home, but the payback happens within a few months.  There is a way you can make your toilet a water saving toilet without the cost.  Simply put a brick or a milk jug full of water in the tank.

Are you looking for what to invest in now so you save money later? With a small investment these items will save you hundreds every year!

CFL Lights

Switching over all you light bulbs will cost you around $70 and will save you much more than that in a year.  They last longer than regular bulbs but do tend to be a bit less bright, so make sure you have what you need light wise as well.

Cloth Diapers

While they cost more upfront, this is one of the things that will save you the most.  A full set of cloth diapers costs anywhere from $150-$500, but will save you thousands per child.

Wholesale Club Membership

These usually cost you about $50 a year and will save you hundreds to thousands each year.  These places usually have the best price on milk, cheese, eggs, and baking supplies.

Knowing what to invest in now will help you to save money later. The little things do add up!  Being able to combine with knowing how to save will also make a big different in your budget!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I spent money on a HE washer and dryer. Best investment ever. Our water bill went down a ton. Same with a better toilet

  2. I started replacing with cfl bulbs then learned how dangerous they are if they break. It is recommended to at least open windows and leave the house for 15-30 minutes. Some areas require hazmat to be called. I was really surprised to learn that!

  3. Thanks for these great ideas! I have done the water heater blanket, but haven’t changed light bulbs yet. I guess that’s next on the list.

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