Top 11 Fuel Saving Tips That will Save You Money On Gas

Fuel Saving Tips

Do you remember when gas was that cheap??  Ya, me neither.  No matter what the cost per gallon is, if you waste the gas you have you will always spend more.

It is the time of year when winter travel starts for the holiday’s.  For people like us who drive instead of fly to our destinations, that means it is time to be getting more fuel so we can make it to the places we need.  Here are 11 Fuel saving tips that will help stretch your budget by stretching the fuel you buy as far as it can go.

 11 Fuel Saving Tips

  1. Drive the speed limit – When you go the speed limit you will be not speeding up and slowing down as much.  This will help you to save the gas as you use more as you are accelerating all the time.
  2.  Keep your car maintenance up to date – This is a very important one.  When your oil is changed regularly, the tire pressure is checked and your car is in top shape, your engine drags less and you have a smoother ride.  This means the car isn’t working as hard to get from one place to another which helps reduce gas.
  3.  Plan out your tips By going to do all your driving at once you reduce the travel time and the gas.
  4. Pump your gas in the mornings when it is cooler – As the day goes on and it gets hotter outside the gas expands.  It is also full of junk that has been kicked up as the gas was being pumped out through the day.  By getting gas in the morning, you are getting more fuel for your money and you are avoiding the gunk that builds up in your engine.
  5.  Do not accelerate quickly or break quickly and hard -this uses more fuel and it wastes more fuel out your exaust pipe.
  6.  Be sure the tires are properly inflated – This will insure a smooth ride with the least amount of drag.  There for using less fuel.
  7.  Use cruise control – this will keep your speed steady which uses less gas.
  8.  Avoid sitting idling for more then 1 min – If you will be idling for longer then a minute, turn off your car and turn it back on.  It usues less gas to do that then to let the car run.
  9.  Purchase a fuel efficient vehicle – This costs more upfront, but pays off big time with the money you save over the years on fuel.
  10.  Avoid heavy loads – Heavy loads cause drag which makes the car work harder, using more fuel.
  11.  Keep windows closed – again less drag is the key here to saving on gas.

What tips do you have to save on fuel?

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  1. When I started driving in 1995, gas was $0.99 a gallon.

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