Frugal Family Recipes are a great way to help you live on a smaller budget without much work. It can even work for large families!

Most people think that large families equal a large amount being spent on groceries and no quick and easy cooking.  This doesn't have to be the case.  It is easy to do your cooking on a budget when using these easy recipes for your family.

The best tip to making your meals good for your family budget is by using frugal recipes.  These recipes help you to have variety and still keep your family happy.

This is also a great way to have a healthy family by using healthy meals.

Here are some frugal family recipes for you to get you started

Black Bean Soup: A Family Meal On A Budget

Family Meal On a Budget

Who doesn’t like a nice bowl of creamy soup on a cold day.  Here in Southern California The days are still warm and some days feels like summer.  But I still LOVE soup this time of year so I cook it all the time. This soup has quickly become a favorite in our family.  We […]


Crockpot Calico Beans Easy Family Meal

Calico Beans

A friend of mine let me have this Calico Bean Crock Pot recipe after having it at her house.  I have changed it a bit over the years because of our taste preferences and because I was making it a little healthier.  I LOVE this recipe because it is super easy and very healthy!  You can also […]


Crock Pot Hawaiian Chicken: A Quick Family Meal

Hawaiian Chicken A Quick Family Meal

I love Quick family meal recipes that take me only a few minutes to put together.  This crock pot hawaiian chicken recipe is a great one for families who want a healthy meal without all the hassle. This is one of my favorite go to meals because it only takes about 15 minutes to get […]


Peanut Butter Cookie Family Budget Recipe


This is a recipe my mom has been  making since I was a kid.  They are so yummy and you can make them without butter!!!  Seeing as I am dairy free at the moment, these are one of my favorites to make. Peanut Butter Cookie Family Budget Recipe Peanut Butter Cookie Family Recipe   Creator: […]


Frugal Chicken Pot Pie Family Recipe

Fugal chicken pot pie family recipe

  I love this frugal chicken pot pie family recipe.  It is super easy and fast to make and it is from scratch which makes it healthy!!! Here is the recipe for chicken pot pie Frugal Chicken Pot Pie Family Recipe   Creator: Melissa @ Living a Frugal Life Recipe type: dinner, chicken Print   […]

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