The Best Ways to Save Money For Birthday & Anniversary Gifts

The best ways to save money for birthday and anniversary gifts will help you have the money to share great things with your friends and family without fearing you’ll have to sacrifice in other areas of your budget. Birthdays and anniversaries are such a wonderful thing to celebrate with those you love. A few simple […]

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5 Signs You’re Stressed About Money and How to De Stress

This is a sponsored conversation  on how to de stress is written by me on behalf of SunTrust. The opinions and text are all mine.   Money is one of the highest reasons for stress, anxiety and fighting in a marriage.  Knowing how to de-stress is something you have to be very aware of and […]

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5 Ways To Fool Proof Your Budget

There are many things you can do to fool proof your budget so that you don’t over spend.  These process can include a daily check on your blog or a friend.  Here are 5 ways you can fool proof your budget to help you stay where you need to and not go over budget each […]

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How to Make a Budget

While there are lots of people who use budgets, I get the question often about how to make a budget. It is very intimidating when you need to get started making one. I think this is the hardest part of budgeting.  You never feel like things are what they should be.  But just like couponing, […]


How To Make a Personal Financial Wellness Plan

Whether you have a family, or you are single it is important to make a personal financial wellness plan.  Creating a personal financial plan will help you to have goals and a direction to move towards.  This is also going to be something that helps you take steps to getting to know yourself and your family. Your […]

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