8 Tools Needed For a Container Garden

Tools Needed for a Container Garden

8 Tools Needed For a Container Garden

It is time to start thinking about your container gardening and square foot gardens!!!  I know christmas hasn’t even happened yet, but if you want to get the most out of your crop then you have to start early enough to get your plan in place, your tools and your seeds so they can sprout and get to growing so you get the best crop you can.

Many people think that you have to have a large space and a yard to have a garden.  You can easily have a small garden on a porch if you would like to have one.  You use pots and it is called a container garden.

To get you started I put together a list of items you need to have on hand to make your planting and caring for your garden as easy as possible.

  1. Flower Pots – These are your containers for your plants.  You could also do other pots or containers if you have other larger containers.
  2. Hand Shovel – small shovels are a good for pots.  It makes it easy to dig in whatever fertilizers you have and also to plant your seeds or plants in the pot
  3. Quality potting soil made for the type of plants you will grow – This is the key to having a container garden.  The soil is everything!  If you have poor soil your seeds or plants will not grow.  Try to have a soil that is high in the minerals that your plants need.  The best way to do this is to go to your local store or nursery and ask them for the best soil for your specific plants.  Then buy the things they recommend.
  4. Hand Weeder –  This is a small fork type tool that has a long neck.  This can be helpful for 2 reasons, one for weeding the small weeds that grow in containers and second to plant seeds and small plants.  You can use this to dig a small hole to place the seed or plant in
  5. Seeds – It is best to get quality heirloom seeds
  6. Egg Carton or small cups to start seeds – This is just for sprouting seeds.  A lot of times you need to sprout them inside so it is warm enough for them to germinate and sprout.
  7. Watering Can – You can buy one of these or make your own watering can out of a laundry container!
  8. Quality fetilizer made for the plants you are growing – This is another thing you will want to ask your local store or nursery.  Each plant takes a different mix of nutrients.  So be sure you get the fertilizer that will benefit your plants the best.

What items do you use in your garden???



  1. Can’t wait until gardening weather. I could do without winter but luckily we have had a mild one so far (due to get big snow tomorrow into Friday). Great suggestions. Thanks!

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