Container Gardening Tips For A Successful Garden

Container Gardening Tips

Container Gardening Tips For A Successful Garden

Container gardening can be a tricky balance to hit depending on what your growing and what types of soil and fertilizer you need.  But whether you are growing fruits, vegetables, or flowers, it doesn’t have to be hard. With the right tools and advice you can easily have a successful container garden.

It is important that you seek out advice from the workers of your local nursery if you have any questions about how you should treat your plants.  This will give you the best and most focused advice for your specific situation.

There are a few things that need to be done no matter what plants you are growing that will help your garden to grow the best it can.

Choosing your Container:

This can be really whatever you want.  It could be ceramic, plastic, recycled items like cans or milk bottles.  The main thing you want to check is drainage.  There needs to be enough drainage in the container that the water is able to drain and your soil doesn’t swamp the plant.  The containers you buy at the store usually have enough drainage, but you will want to ask the workers there to be sure it has enough drainage for what you will plant.  If you are using recycled containers you will want to be sure to make holes in it so it drains enough.


This is very important in container gardening.  The main thing about the soil for container gardens needs to be a good quality potting soil.  The difference between potting soil and other soil is the make up of the soil.  Potting soil is made to hold enough water in to give to the plant while being loose enough to let the excess drain.  This is usually done with peet moss of something similar.  If you use other types of soil that are not made for pots your soil will be too compact and wont drain properly and your plant wont thrive.


When you are taking your plants out of the store containers be careful.  Be sure you loosen the soil in the put by pushing on the sides a little.  as you pull it out, look at the roots to see if they are loose or if the plant has become root bound. If the roots are pot bound be sure you brak them up a bit before putting them in the container.  This will help the roots to grow quicker and the plant to grow well.


Be sure to water your plants enough.  How much you need to water depends on your container and the climate of your area.  Some areas may even need daily watering to keep the plants nourished   Be sure you are paying attention to the  dryness of the soil and be watching to know if you need to water more or less.  This is especially important during heat spells.  A sign that you have watered enough at one time is that soil is dripping out of the drainage holes on the bottom.  This means that all the soils is wet and you have enough water.


It is very important to have a good fertilizer for your plants.  There are lots of options for fertilizer and ways to feed your garden.  The easiest way to do it and not have to think about it is to use an extended release type of fertilizer.  You usually want one that will last up to 3 months and then reapply.  This is the best for this type of a garden.  But if you want to fertilize more often of use a different type of fertilizer make sure you consult your local nursery to know what is best for your plants and how often it should be applied.

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What tips do you have that make your container gardens successful?

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